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## run it
npm i
no external dependencies! no need to `npm i`! woo!
cp webring.txt.sample webring.txt && $EDITOR webring.txt
npm run start
## configuration
the server listens on port `$PORT` (default 80) and loads the list of
participating sites from the file `$SITES_FILE` (default `webring.txt`).
the sites file is a newline-separated list of URLs; leading and trailing
whitespace, empty lines, and lines starting with `#` are ignored. you can test
out the format using [this regexr link](https://regexr.com/?expression=/^\s*([^%23\s].*)\s*$/gm&text=%23%20sample%20SITES_FILE%0A%0A%23%20my%20friend%20alice%20who%20is%20cool%0Ahttps%3A%2F%2Falices.awesome.website%0A%0A%23%20my%20other%20friend%20bob%20who%20is%20neat%20as%20well%0Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fsome.shared.domain%2F~bob%0A&tool=list&input=your.webring.server/next?from=$1\n).
## link to webring sites
participating sites should link to the endpoints `/prev?from=<site>` and