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webring server

run it

no external dependencies! no need to npm i! woo!

cp webring.txt.sample webring.txt && $EDITOR webring.txt
npm run start


the server listens on port $PORT (default 80) and loads the list of participating sites from the file $SITES_FILE (default webring.txt).

the sites file is a newline-separated list of URLs; leading and trailing whitespace, empty lines, and lines starting with # are ignored. you can test out the format using this regexr link.

participating sites should link to the endpoints /prev?from=<site> and /next?from=<site> from their site, where <site> is the URL for their site from webring.txt. for example, a site in the webring as should link to /prev?from= and /next?from= on whatever host this server is accessible from.